A Modern Approach to A User-Friendly Online School (Faith-Based Education): Christ Extension Network Website Design Project

Case Study Overview

A religious organization called Christ Extension Network (CEN) is situated in Lagos, Nigeria. They provide its members with a range of services, such as community outreach, educational activities, and spiritual counseling. By establishing an online school, CENM hoped to broaden its sphere of influence and make its educational programs available to more people. They contacted Noble World Technology Services, a digital marketing company with offices in Lagos, Nigeria, to create a website for their online school.

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Build a User-Friendly Online School: Christ Extension Network Online Bible Academy

Build a User-Friendly Online School: Christ Extension Network Online Bible Academy

What We Did

  • Bespoke UI design
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Integration of Payment Form with Secure Payment Gateway
  • Integration of Application Form with Documents Upload
  • Application Confirmation System
  • Automated Emailing System
  • Integration of Frontend Teachers Dashboard
  • Integration of Students Dashboard with a general Login System


CEN had a difficult time building its online school website. The website has to be able to handle a lot of educational content and be aesthetically pleasing and simple to navigate. In order to ensure that it could be accessible from any device, they also wanted the website to be mobile-responsive. The website is also required to be able to work with their current payment and educational program systems.

The Solution

In order to create an online school website that suited CEN’s requirements, Noble World Technology Services collaborated closely with them. The website is easy to use, has a clear hierarchy of information, and has a modern, user-friendly design. Students can access course materials from any device thanks to the website’s mobile-friendly design. The website was designed with a content management system (CMS) that enables CENM to simply update and manage its course materials in order to handle a substantial amount of instructional content. The website was integrated by Noble Global Technology Services with CENM’s existing educational programs and payment system.

Bespoke Website Design - Desktop Version

CEN has experienced success with the new online school website created by Noble World Technology Services. Students now have a simple and practical way to access online educational resources and courses thanks to the website. Student engagement and retention have grown as a result of the user-friendly design and mobile responsiveness. Further streamlining their operations and increasing overall efficiency is the integration with CENM’s current educational programs and payment system.

online school
User-centered design - Mobile Version
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User-friendly responsive pages
online school
online school
online school

Through its collaboration with Noble World Technology Services, CEN was able to develop a cutting-edge and user-friendly online school website that has enabled it to reach new audiences and deliver its educational programs. The website’s design and functionality have increased student engagement and retention, and its connection with its current programs and payment system has enhanced overall efficiency. By delivering top-notch educational programs to its members, CENM has been able to accomplish its objective and further establish its position as a pioneer in faith-based education.

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