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We create expertly designed, imaginative graphics that align with your branding guidelines. Our goal is to help you bring your art, data, and business to craft memorable experiences that reinforce your brand and motivate visitors and customers to take corresponding action. 

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We create eye-catching and effective designs.

Our group of gifted graphic designers can assist you in developing your brand and leaving a positive impression on your target market.

Our team produces assets for various platforms and media, such as websites, paid advertisements, print, and digital, in order to increase brand recognition and expand your company. In addition to providing brand identification services, our graphic designers also create logos, packaging, and other elements.

Here are a few illustrations of some of our most recent projects. After viewing them, contact us to begin working on your upcoming design project!

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for a fixed monthly rate

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Our Approach

We create user-centric designs to maximize interaction.

Noble World is aware of how critical good design is in the present digital world. Because of this, we work closely with our clients to create designs that resonate with their target audience while still conveying the necessary message.

From concept to completion, our designers are dedicated to producing excellent designs that have a lasting impression.

How We Work

We live and breathe your brand sentiment

At Noble World, we approach every project with a 360-degree perspective on our graphic design ideas. Our team of graphic design experts develops innovative strategies to provide visually appealing visuals that will captivate your target audience at every stage of their purchasing experience using cutting-edge data, tools, and technology.

We have unrivaled experience in the design management field.

We use our carefully designed, data-backed visuals to spark conversation for everything from stationery and corporate identity to catalogs and corporate identity. Our designers use the most recent trends to exercise their creative minds while living and breathing the feeling of your brand when producing faultless designs.

A pixel-perfect graphic design agency

Premium Creative Design
That Represents Your Brand

The first thing customers will often notice about your brand is your company’s visual identity. You might not get another chance to influence them and persuade them to click, browse, and make a purchase from you.

In addition to having a vivid imagination, great graphic design pays close attention to the audience, market research, and strategic messaging.

At Noble World, we develop marketing strategies and graphic design plans that are in line with the objectives, values, and desired reactions of your target market.

We make distinctive designs that are based on your company’s identity and pay great attention to every little detail to make companies stand out.

our Graphic Design services

Full-Service Graphic Design

We offer full-service graphic design to help elevate your brand and make a lasting impression on your audience. Let us help bring your vision to life.

Display Banners

We support your marketing initiatives by providing display banner design services that are conversion-focused. We can assist with static or dynamic HTML display banners.

Logo Design

Our team can assist in creating a distinctive logo for your company and a strong brand identification thanks to years of experience and proficiency in professional design software.

Promotional Videos Design

Designing promotional videos is a crucial service that Noble World Digital Marketing Agency does. Our talented staff produces aesthetically appealing and captivating videos to support the promotion of your business or item.

digital marketing agency

What design do you need?


Digital marketing agency in Lagos

First impressions are really important. Flyers that are meant to impress can effectively promote your company.



digital marketing agency in Lagos |Noble World

Your design will be provided as an editable PowerPoint file. You get consistent business card designs as a result.



digital marketing agency in Lagos |Noble World

Make a lasting first impression with your brand by choosing letterhead that stands out. delivered in editable format Microsoft



Digital marketing agency in Lagos

You've produced a work of art. Get a bespoke cover that effectively markets your book to potential readers.



Digital marketing agency in Lagos

Your designs need to convey the message and be memorable, whether they are for large billboards or small to medium flex banners.



Digital marketing agency in Lagos

Your paid online advertisement's creative must pique interest. Order beautiful designs for online ads that increase sales.



Digital marketing agency in Lagos

Rollup banners are crucial for advertising your company in public areas. Purchase a high-resolution printer.



Digital marketing agency in Lagos

Prospective customers will remember your logo. Purchase a recognizable logo that is always in style.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Graphics Design in Nigeria


You’ll need to spend at least 4,999 Naira to hire a skilled graphic designer to create your flyer in Nigeria.

Yes, you may design your flyer using software like Canva or by hiring a low-cost graphics designer.

However, this might end up costing you money in the long run because these two options might not be able to communicate your message in a way that your potential clients will understand.

For a killer flyer for your company, get the help of a competent graphic designer in Lagos.


A cost of at least N7,499 for 100 flyers is what you could expect to pay if you decide to have them printed in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, the cost of printing flyers relies on;

  • The extent
  • Quantity
  • The delivery 

A4 flyers are more expensive to print than A6 flyers, which are the smallest size.

The minimum order quantity for printing flyers in Nigeria is 100 copies. As a result, the price you pay rises according to the size of your order.

On large orders for the printing of flyers, some printing companies offer enormous discounts.

Additionally, printing businesses charge walk-in clients differently than they do online clients. Your flyer orders will often be delivered to your door after you pay a delivery fee.


You must pay a professional graphics designer at least 4,999 to design your business card in Nigeria.

Your printer can create the business card for you. However, given that it was done for free, you probably won’t get a design that works.

Additionally, you can create your business card using free programs like Canva or Adobe CC Express. Your business card will, however, resemble that of millions of other people.

A qualified graphic designer can give your business card standout elements like barcodes or brand motifs.

To get a standout business card, choose a skilled graphic designer in Nigeria.


In Nigeria, 100 business card copies range in price from N3000 to N11000. This price is dependent upon;

  • Thickness
  • Finishing/lamination Sides
  • Special characteristics

Printing 100 copies of two-sided business cards with a gloss finish and a thickness of 300gsm costs, for example, around 9,000. It would cost about 7,000 yen to print the same number of square, one-sided, 600gsm business cards with a matte finish.

The cost increases logically with the number of copies printed. Although you may be eligible for exclusive discounts if your order is large.

Should you choose to have your business cards delivered to your door, the delivery fees are not included in this pricing.


In Nigeria, a banner design might run you anything from 3,000 to 50,000.

This cost is determined by the;

  • number of designs
    The banner you wish to design’s level of complexity
    who you commission to create your design.
    Additionally, the designer you hire might also handle printing for you, and your banner might be a component of a larger project.

These elements influence the cost of designing banners in Nigeria.


A brochure designed by a graphic designer in Nigeria costs at least 5,000 per page.

The cost of designing your brochure will depend on;

  • How many pages are needed?
    In the event that you provide the designer with content, how skilled the designer is
    You will pay extra to have your brochure designed the more pages it includes.

Additionally, the cost of getting your brochure printed and delivered will be higher.


For small enterprises and startups in Nigeria, branding a business costs between $25,000 and $200,000.

The amount of effort you want done to brand your firm will determine how much you pay for branding.

Among branding projects are

logo creation

Design for stationery

Web page layout

Design of promotional items

branding guide

The price of producing print materials or signage may also be taken into account by some branding agency.

Hire a qualified graphic designer in Nigeria to assist you in creating a distinctive brand for your company.


In Nigeria, a poster design might run you anything from 3,000 to 50,000.

This cost is determined by the;

  • number of designs
  • Complexity of the required poster
  • who you commission to create your design.

Additionally, the designer you hire might also handle printing for you, and your poster might be a component of a larger project.

The cost of poster design in Nigeria is impacted by several elements.

How To Choose the Right Graphic Design Agency for Your Business

You must provide an effective and succinct message to connect with your target audience. The key to promoting your business is creating eye-catching images, targeted adverts, and landing pages. Your online presence must include visual elements. Making engaging internet communication requires choosing design agency services. When statistical data is available, it is simpler to decide wisely whether to hire a graphic design business.

  • If a page lacks graphic design, 94% of users will leave it.
  • More than 46% of website visitors attribute your brand’s credibility to the way the site is designed.
  • The average web user’s attention span is 6.8 seconds. Yes, you did read that correctly. But a visual aid can lengthen the attention span by about 50 milliseconds.
  • Graphic design, according to 49% of SMB (Small Business) owners, is essential for a company’s success.

It’s important to establish a relationship with an agency. Custom design services help you establish lasting relationships with your target market and leave a lasting impression to increase brand recall. Let’s talk about the best tips and methods to use when looking for graphic design and inventive services.

What can a company that designs innovative graphics do for you?

A graphics design firm can benefit your company in a number of ways.

  • Creating HTML Display Banners that are both appealing and lively
  • Designing high-converting landing pages in line with the objectives and strategy of a marketing campaign
  • Set yourself out from the competition with a bespoke, professional website design.
  • Strategic email design to appeal to the target market of the company
  • Design an engaging, useful blog that serves as a powerful marketing tool.
Choosing the Best Graphic Design Agency Services for Your Project: 5 Tips

Now that you know the significance of expert graphic design services, let’s delve into some advice to help you with business decision-making.

Tip 1: Verify the Portfolio, References, and Testimonials.

Research is crucial when selecting a graphic design firm. A suitable portfolio, website, and references would be available from any reliable agency. If it’s absent, that should definitely be cause for concern. Examine the design portfolio carefully to determine if they meet your needs. Launch an investigation to evaluate a person’s professionalism, experience, and competency. To learn more about the experiences of past and present clients, try reaching out to them.

Tip 2: Extensive Range of Services

A full-service graphic design firm that meets all of your design needs would have a wide range of service options. The agency can assist with the alignment of your visual goals, help you use better tools, rework the story behind your brand, and even offer guidance on any areas you may have missed. Professional design services will not only satisfy your creative requirements but also improve the overall strategy of your company.

Tip 3: Share requirements and communicate clearly

It is crucial to acquire the necessary information before onboarding an agency. Cross-check with the agency to learn about their procedures, equipment, and communication style. Always provide a brief that is as specific as you can, supporting it with examples or references, the vibe, and the tonality. If design terms are unclear, attempt to avoid using jargon and ask inquiries.

Open communication helps the creative process, so communication is vital. It is advantageous to have standards that are spelled out precisely and openly communicated between the client and the agency.

Tip 4: Timelines and Difficulties

It is essential to choose and comprehend the project delivery and completion timetable for graphic design organizations. To manage expectations for the agency and the client, it is essential to be clear about the process, the tools used, and the timeline management.

Maintain open lines of communication to guarantee that issues are discussed and settled before onboarding and throughout the relationship. Knowing the deadlines will help you and the agency plan ahead and work in unison with the creative process.

Tip 5: Terms of Payment

To choose design services that match your budget allocation appropriately, the customer must produce an adequate budget outline. It makes the allocation of resources for brand image, creative design, and all other creative demands clear. There are many graphic design agencies on the market. Along with quality and quantity, finding the ideal fit is crucial.

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