10 Reasons Why You Should Run Facebook Ads For Your Business

Facebook ads can assist you in achieving your business objectives, regardless of whether you sell goods or provide services. Although organic growth on Facebook (and, by extension, Instagram) without paying is fantastic, it takes time and persistence for benefits to become apparent.

The world’s most widely used marketing platform right now is Facebook. The giant of social media has increased to more than 2.7 billion active members, and it has also broadened its advertising network to accommodate a variety of businesses.

There are many reasons for sponsored advertising on Facebook, some of which are not immediately apparent. Before you can see how Facebook might help you reach new audiences, it’s important to understand what the platform offers businesses and how its paid ad network is structured to provide a variety of advertising possibilities.

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Facebook is one of the single largest possibilities for advertising, second only to Google, with a market share of close to 20% in digital advertising.

The “pay-per-click” model, which is widely used and has grown to be the dominant system for online advertising, underlies the advertising approach used by Facebook. The benefits of Facebook advertising, which include its low cost, high effectiveness, and quick turnaround, are also the reasons PPC is crucial.

Facebook ads are the right choice if you are looking for a platform that produces results while you’re working on your organic traffic source. We outline several reasons for using Facebook advertisements, regardless of whether your goal is to increase brand awareness or make money.

Benefits of Running Facebook Ads

The Facebook ecosystem comprises the website facebook.com, the Facebook App, Facebook Messenger, Instagram App, and WhatsApp (standard and business) Messenger. Additionally, Facebook advertising can give your company access to millions of websites and apps available online.

Only so much can a business benefit from referrals and content. You’ll find reasons to test Facebook ads for your company.

1. Budget-friendly

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The lowest amount you may spend on Facebook is about $1, or less than $500, or roughly $15,000 in the monthly advertising budget. The cherry on top is that, if you create a post-paid account, you can earn money and pay Facebook later rather than having to have this right away.

Spending more on your advertising campaigns also gives you the ability to experiment with a variety of factors to determine what works best for your company. Once you have a successful advertisement, you can concentrate your budget on it and progressively expand your audience.

Do Facebook advertisements actually work? is a question that marketers and business owners may have. They most certainly do.

According to Wolfgang Digital’s KPI analysis, Facebook’s user feed ads are the one ad format that performs the best for eCommerce. In reality, Facebook is in the lead thanks to the success of its Facebook Feed, Messenger, and Marketplace ad kinds.

Additionally, 41% of polled marketers said that Facebook provided the best return on investment (ROAS), placing it first among the most well-liked social media platforms for marketing, according to Statista.

2. Better Ad Types for Your Business Needs

Another benefit of Facebook advertising is the large variety of ad kinds it provides, some of which are not offered by other paid channels.

Facebook ads

For Facebook business advertising, there are numerous ad types to pick from:

  • Photo – These are still, standalone pictures with captions.
  • Video – Video advertising can be configured to appear in-stream, in user feeds, or in Stories and come in various lengths.
  • Stories – Stories are fully customizable advertisements that fill the entire screen. They can be static images or videos, and clicking on Stories advertisements directs the viewer to your website (or whichever page you specify).
  • Messenger – On the Facebook Messenger program, these advertisements show up in between talks.
  • Up to ten static images are included in carousel advertisements, which the consumer can navigate through.
  • Slideshow: These commercials feature brief, motion-, sound-, and text-based video snippets.
  • Multiple products are displayed in a single ad in a collection ad, and each product can be interacted with separately by the user.
  • Before downloading an app or game, customers can preview playable, which are interactive demo games.

One of the benefits of using Facebook for business advertising is that, unlike with search engine PPC, you are not restricted to specific ad types or forced to use plain text ads. These ad formats are more suited to branding since they enable advertisers to produce visually appealing, imaginative, graphic-styled commercials with various multi-media components, such as text, images, and videos.

3. Extensive and Comprehensive Data

Age, gender, location, devices, and other information are included in the Facebook audience data. You already know who you want to market to, so note these criteria as they apply to them. Then enter these settings into your ads.

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These audience insights are put to use as your advertisement runs to determine who will respond to your offer most favorably. Utilizing distinct and thorough data from your advertising campaign will allow you to optimize your strategy.

Ad measurement provides information about the effectiveness of advertisements, including demographics of ads with anonymized user data, multi-channel data comparisons (similar to TV ads), and also negative advertising data (in this case, Facebook gives advertisers control to ensure that their advertisements don’t appear in places where they don’t want them to).

  • Businesses may view audience demographics including age, gender, location, and device breakdowns in Ads Manager, as well as breakdowns for ad kinds and user behaviors.
  • The most significant points of contact in the marketing funnel can be found with the use of attribution data.
  • Options for split-testing and ad comparisons for optimizing campaigns with variations.
4. Facebook Ads can Provide Results Extremely Quickly

Since they may start generating revenue/conversions as soon as they go live, Facebook business advertisements are perfect for brands wishing to conduct both short-term and long-term digital marketing strategies. But for quick results, they work best.

The moment ad campaigns are created in the Ads Manager, approved by Facebook, and made life, they begin to run immediately and start displaying your brand and/or items to potentially thousands of individuals right away.

The advantages of Facebook advertising come from providing businesses with a chance to start receiving sales within a few days since ads are often approved within 24 hours.

5. Supports Various Media Formats

Creative flexibility is another factor to take into account while using Facebook advertisements. There is no prerequisite for starting, unlike YouTube ads. A straightforward product image can be used, and there is enough room to compose a lengthy text promoting your offer.

This is your chance to present your brand unrestrictedly and as you see fit. You have the opportunity to draw attention to your ads across all Facebook-owned platforms using square, horizontal, and vertical rectangle shapes.

Not ready to invest in fresh creatives? You may always promote new content on older postings. This chance is yours if you link your page (on Facebook or Instagram) to your ad account.

6. Access to one of the World’s Largest Audiences

Businesses may access one of the biggest digital ad networks thanks to Facebook’s platform for advertising, which boasts more than 2.7 billion active users. But the social media juggernaut has expanded its marketing network to provide simple access to both platforms since acquiring Instagram in 2012.

Their ad network spans both websites, giving advertisers the choice of having their advertising appear on either with minimum additional setup.

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Instagram now has more than 1 billion active members and well over 500 million of those users are active every day. In truth, Facebook and Instagram both have impressive utilization figures. Businesses of all sizes profit from Facebook advertising because it gives them access to a market they couldn’t otherwise reach.

60% of Americans say they find new items on Instagram, and 78% of Americans claim to have found products they bought on Facebook! Facebook is used by about two-thirds of all adults, making its enormous reach one of the biggest benefits of Facebook ads for small, medium, and even large enterprises.

7. Facebook provides ads for your specific business goals

Marketers have a variety of “advertising objectives” to pick from that match your corporation’s aims. This is excellent for companies that wish to give their advertisements varying priorities. For instance, ads can be created to increase lead generation, site traffic, post engagement and conversation, and more.

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When advertising on Facebook for your business, you have the opportunity to set up your “Ad Objectives” to boost brand awareness and encourage conversions. You can set specific ads for:

  • Boost post: To increase engagement for high-value posts, you might need to boost posts.
  • Facebook page promotions: promotions aimed at increasing interaction and likes on the Facebook page of your business.
  • Facebook Website Ads: Facebook website advertisements are a successful approach to advertising to a broad and specific audience. Businesses can make engaging, targeted ads that connect with their target audience.
  • marketing with a call to action. Users can interact with your page in this way by using a button designed especially for your objectives.

Businesses concentrate on primary goals such as increasing exposure, leads, and revenue. You can use Facebook ad objectives created especially for unique purposes as this, the Ads Manager application provides Facebook advertising unique advantages. Choices for advertising goals and production include:

  • Using audience interests as a guide, generate leads and gather data.
  • Increased conversions, which can range from product purchases to app interactions, downloads, form fills, and more.
  • In order to increase brand awareness, focus on expanding your audience and showing your adverts to those who are more likely to pay attention.
8. Micro-target the people you want to Reach.

Facebook is no different from other social media platforms in that it allows advertisers to target ads at specific target audiences based on user data. The fact that Facebook is a very data-rich platform is actually one of the key advantages of advertising there. The audiences that are most suitable for your business can be micro-targeted.

Facebook’s level of specificity allows you to target a specific demographic for each advertisement you run. Businesses can produce adverts to target specific populations in the following segments:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Spoken dialects
  • Interests (as stated on their Facebook profile, including likes and hobbies)
  • education or background
  • Work title
  • Income
  • Relation to politics
  • Interests
  • Buying patterns and recent actions
  • crucial life events
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Facebook ads give users incredibly accurate targeting choices. Based on the groups mentioned previously, businesses may launch campaigns targeting their own “core audiences.” You may target people who have already interacted with your brand, which is one of the best features of Facebook advertising for your company.

The platform’s ad network leverages “Audience Insights” with aggregate data on people who connect with your brand page together with data on how they interact across the rest of Facebook. Marketers can then transfer their custom audiences created in Audience Insights to the Facebook “Ads Manager” product.

One benefit of Facebook advertisements that traditional search PPC doesn’t have is this level of knowledge. Ad networks like Google and Bing are unable to provide as much precise demographic targeting due to the nature of search engines.

9. A/B ad testing for performance growth

Facebook A/B ad testing allows companies to test and compare several versions of their advertising to see which ones perform the best, which is crucial for performance growth.

Businesses may optimize their advertisements for optimal engagement, conversion, and ROI by testing various ad components like images, headlines, descriptions, and targeting options.

Businesses may better understand their audience with A/B testing, determine which ad variations connect with them the most, and make data-driven decisions that enhance ad effectiveness over time. Overall, Facebook A/B ad testing is a potent tool for companies trying to enhance the effectiveness of their ads and achieve sustainable growth.

10. Facebook ads remarketing

Remarketing on Facebook is an essential marketing strategy that enables companies to connect with customers who have already interacted with their brand in the past.

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Businesses can make targeted, pertinent advertising that is more likely to result in conversions by focusing on consumers who have already expressed an interest in their goods or services.

By maintaining the brand’s prominence in the minds of users who have already interacted with it, remarketing can also aid in boosting brand recall and loyalty. Remarketing on Facebook can also be inexpensive because businesses can focus on a more specific and smaller audience, which lowers advertising costs while raising ROI.


Running ads on Facebook has the potential to transform the game for companies of all sizes. Facebook ads offer a potent advertising platform that enables companies to reach a big and highly focused audience, from raising brand awareness to driving website traffic and boosting conversions.

Businesses can develop engaging and targeted ads that connect with their target audience thanks to Facebook’s comprehensive targeting tools, adaptable ad formats, and affordable price structure.

Businesses may remain ahead of the competition, expand their consumer base, and accomplish their marketing objectives by utilizing the power of Facebook advertising. So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to think about using Facebook ads for your company and reaping all of its rewards.

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